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Loan Management
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Your dealership on Carpay

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Online Banking for BHPH

Carpay allows borrowers to make payments on their car loan through any of three channels




(877) 9CARPAY


All of your customer reminders are sent for you

  • Email Reminders
  • Text Reminders
  • Expired Card Reminders

Carpay specializes in BHPH

Your customers will see their:

  • Side Notes
  • Late Fees
  • Pickup Payments
  • Debt Cancellation Coverage
  • Collateral Protection Insurance
  • Chargebacks

Making it easy to pay their car note

Your customers can also:

  • Make payments
  • Enable autopay
  • View detailed receipts
  • Check balances
  • Update payment methods
  • And more

You are in good company!

Here's what other dealers say about Carpay

“Carpay is the most efficient solution of the year for my dealership. It saves my team time and eliminates a lot of mistakes while providing my customers easier access to their loan accounts.”

Auto 4 You
- Florida

“Carpay has been a great tool for processing payments and keeping the customers in the loop about their accounts. The customer service is great!”

Honest Autos
- Florida

“The convenience of Carpay extends to both our customers and employees. Collections are so much more efficient and reliable with Carpay. Our organization is magnitudes better with Carpay than when we didn't have it.”

Five Star/Middle Georgia Finance
- Georgia

“My customers really like [Carpay] and find it easy to pay with. When they ask about paying online I send them and not only do I get a payment right away, but they tell me how easy it was.”

Carfinders of South Atlanta
- Georgia

How it Works

Carpay is integrated with your DMS, so any time you update your DMS, you’ll automatically update your customer’s Carpay account. Any payment that comes through Carpay automatically gets sent to your DMS.


Turn your dealership into a first-class bank

See why over

$1 billion

of BHPH loans just like yours have moved to Carpay.