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Mobile app for your BHPH customers


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payments through every channel

Collect payments from borrowers through a multi-channel offering:

Imagine Payments Flowing in
Off-Hours, Weekends, and Holidays

Give borrowers easy access to their loan information so they know how much they owe, why they owe it and when they owe it.

Your customers will see their:

Side Notes

Late Fees

Pickup Payments

Collateral Protection Insurance

Repairs Balance

Relax, All Payment Reminders Are Sent For you

Take the manual work out of collections calling. With Carpay’s automated reminders, you just sit back and watch.

An App So Good, Your Customers WANT to Pay You

Face ID login, two clicks, and they’ve made their payment, plus other useful features. Your customers can:

Enable autopay

View detailed receipts

Update payment methods

Check balances

Manage Notification Preferences

From Your
Customer’s Phone, Right to Your DMS

When a customer makes a payment through Carpay, the payment automatically syncs with your DMS and updates the customer’s account.

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